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In simply terms a P-Code is the priority code that is attached to the job sheet from the start. It is the code that tells our system how fast you require an engineer to attend site.

We use the P-Code as the starting block for how urgent each job is, we actually allow our customers to tell us how urgent they consider the repair to be. We apply a charge for the more urgent a job is requested. Without a P-Code every job would be just requested as requiring an immediate attendance which both ourselves and customers understand is not the case. There is a big difference in the priority of redecorating a flat compared to attending a burst pipe.

Our standard P-Code that doesn’t carry an additional charge is a P3 code which aims to have an engineer on site within 10 working days. We provide a breakdown of our P-Codes and associated charges in the about us page.


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24/7 Emergency Response Call 0800 1223 321

24/7 Emergency Response Call 0800 1223 321